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The following Build tasks exist in this library
  • AppFx.ServiceBus.Build.MsBuild.Namespace.Create
This task will create a service bus namespace using the REST API and wait until its active
  • AppFx.ServiceBus.Build.MsBuild.Namespace.Delete
This task will delete a service bus namespace using the REST API
  • AppFx.ServiceBus.Build.MsBuild.Namespace.ImportEntities
This task will use the xml from service bus explorers export to make many calls to the REST API to setup the queues/topics/subscriptions and notification hubs
  • AppFx.ServiceBus.Build.MsBuild.Namespace.ExportEntities
This task will use the REST API to export the service bus setup to the same xml as used by the Service Bus Explorer tool.
  • AppFx.ServiceBus.Build.MsBuild.QT.Namespace.DeleteAll
This will use the REST API to delete all of the queues and topics in a namespace
  • AppFx.ServiceBus.Build.MsBuild.SAS.CreateFullManageRuleGroup
This will interact with the shared access secret setup to create a role with the provided key and assign the Listen, Send and Manage permission

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