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AppFx.ServiceBus.Build is a project to provide an approach for automation of Windows Azure Service Bus aimed at developer scenarios around MsBuild and integrating Service Bus setup into your automated build as part of a Visual Studio solution.

The approach we have taken here is to use the entity xml created from the Windows Azure Service Bus Explorer tool to treat this like a binding file in BizTalk where we can use that to apply the desired Service Bus setup.

The process for a normal build would be:

- Create a management certificate and load this into the Windows Azure Portal
- Create a namespace
- Set the shared access security settings
- Import the entities xml

Normally in teams working on windows azure service bus projects when writing code which interacts with Windows Azure Service Bus we have a namespace setup per developer so they dont interfere with each other and we would normally include the machine name the developer is using as part of the namespace name in Service Bus.

The script we can create with the build tasks in this project can be used as a first time setup and then also used to clean the subscription and set it up again each time the build is ran.

To deliver this feature we have created a utilities assembly which encapsulates functionality from the Windows Azure Management API, the Windows Azure Service Bus Management API and also parts of the logic from Windows Azure Service Bus Explorer (with great thanks to Paolo for letting us do that).

For more information please refer to the Documentation page.

Thanks go to:

Paolo Salvatori
Paolo works on the Windows Azure CAT Team and created the Windows Azure Service Bus Explorer tool. With Paolo's permission I have used some of the helper classes he created within the build library in this project.

To find out more about Paolo checkout the following links:
MSDN profile :

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